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Campground Map

Campground Map

Campground Rules

  1. No parking any boats/vehicles/trailers etc. on the grass. If there is damage to sprinklers or grounds, you may be charged for damages.
  2. Keep campsite clean and free of clutter. Avoid storing items under camper. Area mats/rugs are allowed on gravel/asphalt ONLY. No outside clothes lines. No items down the sewer spout.
  3. Clean up the campsite before you leave. Dispose of all trash. Return picnic tables to original spot if moved. Do not damage or cut trees.
  4. DO NOT MOVE FIRE RINGS. If you do, you may be charged.
  5. Children must be supervised at all times, especially around sewer spouts and on Atv’s. If damage occurs (such as rocks being tossed into sewer) you will be charged for repair.
  6. Pets are welcome, but MUST be leashed AT ALL TIMES. Pet waste must be picked up. Doggy bags are available in park. No dogs in showers.
  7. Pick up after your shower. Remove all personal items and make sure sand has been flushed down the drain. No animals in the showers.
  8. Pick up after yourself when using the laundry facilities.
  9. Quiet time starts at 10:00pm. Please be courteous to other campers and keep the noise down.
  10. Extra vehicles: RV plus one vehicle is allowed per site. Anything else is considered an extra vehicle. Extra vehicle parking at concessionaires discretion. Extra vehicles are $5.00 per vehicle, per day.
  11. You must make arrangements for payment before you park during business hours.

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